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Larviks Investment Group LLC was founded in 2005 in San Francisco, California, now in Wyoming. We invest in different business opportunities in the market.

Founder, Alf Marcussen has always been an entrepreneur and innovator and has started several companies during his career.

One of the first companies he started was an event planning company called Alf and Alf Events Planning. He founded that company back in 1997, however he had been operating it as a side business since 1986/87 when he was in college.

Later on Larviks Investment Group LLC was investing in real estate however, it was not something the company elected to be in for the long haul….. Alf found it kind of boring.

Larviks Investment Group LLC also invested in the RipCard, which was an invention that Alf developed during his 22+ years in Event Planning, running Alf and Alf events in the social / party scene in San Francisco. Alf and Alf became one of the most sought after events and parties in San Francisco all the way up until 2008.

During this time Larviks Investment Group LLC also developed a Few Apps for the iPhone and the Android phones, but did not follow that path for very long as the market changed very quickly.

Starting in 2012 they’ve decided to invest in selling physical products on something they are still doing to this very day, 2022.

Recently. Larviks Investment Group LLC has been putting a lot of effort into Digital Courses for people to learn specific skills like mastermind courses, goal achieving and more!… and that is a new wave that they will invest a lot of time and energy in. This company is called . Alf and his team are very, very excited about this next move!